Chris Bober Testimonials

Chris Bober is a hard-working and dedicated professional with a long and successful track record.

Check out these personal testimonials from clients and professional contacts to see what others have to say about Chris's work ethic.

Brian K. Dart, Satisfied Buyer

My wife and I had been looking to purchase land for quite some time. We looked at many properties and spoke to many listing agents, but never quite felt real comfortable with them. I saw a nice property on Premier Outdoor Properties, and the listing agent was Chris Bober.

I emailed Chris and immediately had a response (even though he was out of state!) As soon as he got back we started talking about the property; even though he was the listing agent, working for the seller, we never got the feeling he was trying to take us for a ride. He educated us in the process of land buying and provided us the best options. We highly recommend Chris and if we’re ever to buy or sale land, we’ll definitely go through him.

Randy Barber, Satisfied Seller

I had my doubts when we first signed on with Chris Bober to sell our 40 acres with house and buildings located just east of Blue Springs, Nebraska. He was representing a different firm then, it wasn't local, and the area isn't at the top of the market when it comes to real estate sales.

It took a while, but Chris apparently worked at it and had the contacts necessary to find a buyer in California, and then did a wonderful job of handling the negotiations with the prospective buyer to get our property sold. Chris had a good handle on what we wanted, what we would be willing to do, and closed the deal very satisfactorily with a buyer that was trying to nickel and dime us to death. If we ever have the need again, would definitely use Chris.

Richard Randall, Satisfied Seller

Chris was referred by a mutual friend and I appreciated knowing that I could trust him and that we grew up in the same neighborhood.

Ryan Denney, Satisfied Seller

Chris is a great guy and is very knowledgeable on all issues. For anything he could not answer, he referred me to the correct lawyers or title company.

Brian Jarrett, Satisfied Buyer

Chris Bober did a fantastic job of communicating with us during the entire process. Chris went above and beyond to find answers to questions we had about our property, taxes, and covenants.

Lamont Winston  

Pat Behrns  


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