Team Bober Listing System


Team Bober Listing System

Team Bober has proven system for listing real estate to get maximum results for our clients.  Our Goal is to sell your property for the most money, in the shortest time, with the lease amount of hassle.  Its called the Team Bober Listing System.

To understand selling real estate you must first define the market.  A market is defined as a place where buyers and sellers come together to buy considering the conditions of the market.

It is also important understand the current real estate market.  We are currently in an extreme seller’s market.  That means there is way more buyer demand than inventory available for sale.  This has created extreme market conditions where inventory is low, prices are high, and accurately priced homes are selling quickly and for record prices.  Looking at the statistics below you see the proof:

March 2018 Market Stats

March 2018 Market Stats

Other alarming statistics are Average Days on Market (DOM) and Absorption Rate (supply of homes available give the speed of the market, measured in months).  Many homes are selling in days, if not hours, and we have less that 3 months of inventory for the voracious buyer demand.

The perception is all homes sell quickly and for more than asking price.  While many homes fit into this category, this does NOT always produce the best result.  Often times, a bidding war with multiple offers create outrageous prices made by buyers in a very short time period.  This has led to rampant buyer’s remorse and a volatile escrow process.  Many homes are going “Back on the Market” after parties can’t agree on Home Inspection terms or the appraisal comes back lower than the purchase price.

The traditional sales process has many steps that are being skipped or rushed. Below is a diagram of the Listing Process and steps within each phase.  The Pre-Listing Process is for preparing the property and buyer for the challenges of listing and marketing process.  The On Market (DOM) is usually long enough to market the property and negotiate in good faith with a buyer.  The Escrow process is where we manage the transaction to close.

Listing Timeline

Listing Timeline

The Active Market time is so short that  the marketing time isn’t being used effectively and is wasted or skipped.  Many of the steps for a sound real estate process falls into the Escrow Period and becomes contentious.

After experience the pain and frustration of the current real estate market Team Bober has developed a better Listing Process that maximizes the results while enhancing the experience for our clients.  Our Team Bober Listing System aims to sell real estate for the highest price, in the shortest time, with the least amount of hassle for our clients.

The Team Bober Listing System can be adjusted to fit the demands of the current Real Estate Market.  We identify and separate the Pre-Listing, Active Listing, and Escrow phases of a transaction.  With the Active Listing Period being so short we strive to create “Reverse Days on Market” to effectively market our listings which leads to a more defined Active Listing Period and helps remove friction from the Escrow Period.

Pre-Listing Period

The Pre-Listing Period is often overlooked by most agents.  We like to employ “Coming Soon” strategies to allow our marketing its fullest and most effective coverage of the market.  This involves maximizing signage and neighborhood marketing.  We also feature a full Social Media and video platform to allow the public to find and view our listings before they are available.  Creating “Reverse Days on Market” means buyers can make better decisions about the properties they purchase minimizing reactionary decisions.

Active Listing Period

The active Listing Period can be fast and furious.  Once a listing is available for showing many buyers and their agents schedule showings right away.  The competitiveness and lack of inventory sometimes leads to multiple offers and a bidding war.  We use a showing service to organize who has viewed the properties and systematically follow up with everyone.  Offers may be presented at a pre-determined time to promote fairness and allow all interested buyers a chance to make an offer.  We educate our seller clients on all variables of the purchase contract (not just the price) so they can accept the offer that best achieves their objectives.

Escrow Period

Once a contract has been accepted we enter the Escrow Period.  By using Pre-Listing marketing and Coming Soon strategizes we find the buyers and sellers have made a sound decision and the inspection process is much smoother.  We help negotiate repairs that are fair to both sides and manage the transaction all the way to closing.  Because we didn’t rush the process, most of the transactions are peaceful and both sides feel they are operating in fairness and civility.

Selling a home can be a very stressful process if you allow the demand and speed of the market to dictate the terms.  The Team Bober Listing System takes advantage of the speed of the market while allowing the seller (and buyers) to make sound and rational decisions.  We systematically guide our clients through every step so they understand, feel comfortable, and in control of their sale.  This leads to happier clients and makes for a more enjoyable transaction for everyone involved.

Team Bober Listing System

Team Bober Listing System

To learn more about the Team Bober listing System call Chris Bober at (402) 312-5076 or send an email to  We look forward to helping with all of your real estate needs.

Chris Bober is an Associate Broker and leader of Team Bober, a group of REALTORS® at Nebraska Realty in Omaha, NE offering a wide range of real estate services including home and new construction sales, land and farm sales, and auctioneering services. For more information please call Chris at (402) 312-5076 or email him at

Team Bober

Team Bober

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