Benefits of Using a Buyer’s Agent


Using a Buyer’s Agent when Purchasing Real Estate

Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make.  When you purchase a home, you are investing not only in a place to live, but you are also choosing where you will make memories that will last a lifetime. You are also incurring a huge financial burden that lasts about 30 years.  So doesn’t it make sense to use a trusted professional.  Here are the Benefits of Using a Buyer’s Agent.

  1. Agency – Fiduciary relationship. An agent is bound by license law that is similar to hiring an attorney. They have a Code of Ethics they must follow to put the client’s needs first.
  2. Technology – A quick Google search will find houses for sale anywhere you are looking, However, many 3rd party sites are unreliable and inaccurate. A licensed Real Estate Agent, especially a Realtor, has access to local Multiple Listing Services which are updated immediately. Why waste time on houses that are sold?
  3. Negotiate without Emotion – Buying and selling a home is an emotionally draining process.  The consumer is often stressed and will react emotionally.  A good agent will act as a buffer to negotiate fairly and without  emotion.
  4. Transaction Management – There are a lot of steps needed to buy or sell a house. Most consumers are unaware of the details like paperwork, home inspections, lending documents, title park, etc. Getting the house from contract to closing involves attention to detail and an organized system.
  5. It’s FREE – Most of the time the commission is paid by the seller ago their real estate brokerage. Then it is divided and sent to the buyer’s brokerage. That means a buyer’s agent is usually free of charge for a buyer!
Team Bober Nebraska Realty

Team Bober Nebraska Realty

When do you need a Buyer’s Agent?

  • Buying an Existing House – This is the most common use for a buyer’s agent. A good buyer’s agent will handle all of the details from the first meeting to the closing.
  • Building a House – Almost all builders use an agent to sell their homes because an agent will handle the sales process while they concentrate on building. These builder agents often prefer to have an agent on the buyer’s side to aid in the process. You will NOT get a better price without an agent!
  • FSBO – Some seller’s choose to advertise and sell their home themselves. They usually welcome a buyer and their agent’s help to sell their home. Most of the time they will pay a commission to the buyer’s broker while the buyer gets the benefit of being professionally represented.

Team Bober VIP Buyer Program

Team Bober has created a systematic process for assisting buyers.  Its called our VIP Buyer Program and consist of 3 steps:

  1. Get Pre-Approved – Meet with a qualified lender to determine your purchasing power. They will issue a Pre-Approval letter to be submitted with any offer.
  2. Attend a Buyer Counseling Session – Meet with a Team Bober Agent to formulate a game plan for buying a home. We will listen to your wants and needs and formulate a step by step process to get you into the home of your dreams.
  3. Hire Team Bober – Committing to Team Bober as your agent with our Buyer Loyalty Agreement allows us to give you the highest possible customer service for our qualified, committed, and motivated buyers

When it comes to making such large decision you need to have a professional to guid you though the process and help you make great decisions.  Team Bober’s Mission is to Educate and Empower our clients to make great real estate decisions. I hope you can now see  the Benefits of Using a Buyer’s Agent

Chris Bober is an Associate Broker and leader of Team Bober, a group of REALTORS® at Nebraska Realty in Omaha, NE offering a wide range of real estate services including home and new construction sales, land and farm sales, and auctioneering services. For more information please call Chris at (402) 312-5076 or email him at

Team Bober

Team Bober

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