Beware of Internet and Email Scams

Internet and Email Scams are Everywhere  

Technology has provided us with tools that make our lives easier and more efficient.  Unfortunately, it has also put us at heightened risk from devious predators.  Realtors and our clients are the latest targets for online scammers.  Most homes are listed and advertised publicly which makes them easy targets for thieves.  Beware of Internet and Email Scams.

We have been under attack with several daily suspicious emails trying to steal our identity, hack into our files, and steal people’s money.  I am constantly bombarded with foreign “dignitaries” who have millions to spend and notices that my email is full and I should click on their link to fix the problem.  These are all pretty obvious scams that we are used to seeing.

Recently, the scammers have succeeded in stealing some money during a real estate transaction.  They hacked an agent’s personal email and send a message to the client about a wire transfer.  It said they needed their signature, personal and banking info, and the wire transfer accounts have changed.  The money must be wired TODAY into the new account or closing must be delayed.  This Omaha couple followed the instructions and lost a lot of money.

Evil and malicious people are luring everywhere and are constantly trying to steal your money.  Most scams can be prevented with a little common sense, but the emotion of a real estate transaction overwhelms some people and they make foolish mistakes.  Here are a few guidelines to prevent online and email scams:

  1. Do Not Open Emails/Attachments from People You Do Not know
  2. Call the Sender to verify – Use a Known Number
  3. Use Your Company email server
  4. Only Send/Receive Documents thru a Secure Server
  5. Deliver the Money/Check/Important Documents in Person

We take our client’s security very seriously on Team Bober.  We do our best to have face to face meetings and over explain what’s happening to our clients.  One thing to remember, if you are uneasy about any email pick out the phone an find out if its real.  If it seems too good to be true it usually is and always verify with someone you know before sending anything of importance over email.  If you have any questions or concerns about your online security during a real estate transaction be sure to call your Realtor to verify.  Or you can call the Pros at Team Bober and we will tackle the Real Estate Market for you!

Beware of Online Scams

Beware of Online Scams

Chris Bober is an Associate Broker and leader of Team Bober, a group of REALTORS® at Nebraska Realty in Omaha, NE offering a wide range of real estate services including home and new construction sales, land and farm sales, and auctioneering services. For more information please call Chris at (402) 312-5076 or email him at

Team Bober

Team Bober

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